The 2018 theme verse for See You at the Pole
is Ephesians 3:14. “I fall on my knees before the Father.”
The apostle Paul was encouraging and challenging the church at Ephesus to boldly and confidently enter into the Father’s presence so the Gospel of Christ might spread to all people through the power of the Holy Spirit. But there is only one way to truly come into this amazing and humbling place of prayer and that is through our own
position of brokenness. We must realize we are people in need of a Savior. Our sin— disobedience to God—has broken us all beyond repair. But the good news of Christ is that He came to restore and redeem that which is incapable of being fixed by any other means. And nothing is impossible or beyond His ability to repair. Nothing is
beyond Christ’s power to forgive.
1. Pray for students all over the world who are gathering in other   nations. There are some who are in countries where they have little to no religious freedom.  Many may be hungry with not enough to eat. Let’s pray for all students gathered with us today around the globe.
2. Pray for our nation and government.
3. Pray for our school—administration and teachers. For God’s blessing  and wisdom over those who lead and teach us.
4. Pray for our families.
5. Pray for our friends.
6.Pray for those in the prayer circle with you.
Pray that God will use SYATP to build up a core of students whose purpose will be to share the Gospel with non-Christian friends on campus. Ask God to bring spiritual awakening to His church.